CAPTENS Pilots : Adam and Marianne. More than 21,500 Aerobatic flights...



  Marianne MAIRE-SHAW


+ 5 450 hrs of Flight time.

- Aerobatic Instructor, Glider, Mountain and Glacier qualified,

- 7 time National French Aerobatic Champion

- 17 European and World Championship medals




One of many memories:flying the English Channel inverted on 26 July 1985 to salute the 76th anniversary of Louis Bleriot's epic flight.


Marianne is French, mother of two daughters, Caroline and Julie, both of them are student pilots. She is also a therapist, a lecturer, a translator and the author of JEUDI 12, Une Vie a l’Envers. (1996, Ed. du Choucas)

 Adam SHAW


+ 6000 Hrs of Flight time.

- Aerobatic, Multi-Engine, IFR, Seaplane, Instructor-Pilot, Mountain, Glacier, Helicopter, Glider Qualified.


One of many memories : Grumman Albatross North Atlantic Ferry Flight June 2003 from France to Michigan via an unscheduled stop in Kulusuk, Greenland.


Asst Chief Flight Instructor University Of North Dakota Center For Aerospace Sciences, Pilot EFS/USAF SF260E Sabreliner Corp.;Foreign Correspondent UPI (Paris, Abidjan, Bruseels, Rome) Staff Reporter "The Washington Post"; Author of SOUND OF IMPACT “The Legacy of TWA Flight 514” (1977 Viking Press, NYC).



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